Privacy Policy

The Hotel has enormous respect and seriousness in safeguarding the privacy of its customers. The collection of Customers’ personal information aims to satisfy their needs and facilitate booking requests. Personal information includes any information collected about the Client, as an individual, such as his name, address, age, gender, image, email, telephone, credit card information, preferences and specific requests pre, during and post stay, including exchange of digital correspondence. These data will be collected only with the prior consent of the Client and processed in compliance with European Union legislation on the General Data Protection Regulation. The reasons why personal information is collected are due to the fact that it provides a quality service to the Client – Personal information is collected so that the Hotel can make the desired reservations and provide the requested services. Its maintenance allows the Hotel to improve the service provided to the Client each time he repeats his stay. By keeping certain personal information related to the stay on file, such as information related to the Client’s history and detailed lists of expenses, the Client and the Hotel have the possibility to confirm previous transactions and compare statements or invoices. And also to keep the Client informed – The personal information that is made available can be used to send newsletters with the latest news and to inform the Client of promotions, offers or other issues that may interest him. To this end, personal information may be shared with third parties, including customer relationship management companies and / or marketing or communication companies. These companies are contractually linked to the Company, so they are obliged to protect all Customer information to which they may have access.

If it is the Client’s wish not to receive information about the Hotel, he can express his intention on the registration form during his stay or inform the Hotel via email: When making a reservation when making a reservation on the Hotel website, you will be asked to fill in a reservation profile, which will contain personal information, such as the Client’s name, address, contact information, information about children (for example, name, date of birth, age), as well as certain warranty and deposit information to secure the booking, such as your credit card number. The Client, when transmitting his personal data, is acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy. Due to the personal nature of this information, the reservation system is secure, protecting the Client’s credit card number with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, transmitting it on a private network. The Client may also request a reservation by contacting the Hotel directly, when he may be asked for personal information such as name, address, contacts, payment method and preferences about rooms or special requests. During the stay, the Hotel records a detailed list of the Client’s expenses in order to correctly calculate his account, which includes the room rate and other expenses charged to the same. This information is also recorded so that the Company can comply with financial reporting requirements, including those required by auditors and regulatory bodies. Certain information may also be collected in accordance with what is required by local law (for example, passport number) or specific information about the stay may be kept (for example, customer health problems, special requests, service problems). This information is stored in the property management system at the Hotel and is associated with information from previous visits. In addition, the content of any document (including letters, comment cards, electronic documents, such as emails or other similar forms of communication) that the Client may have sent before, during or after the stay may be retained. This information can be shared with the Hotel staff. As part of the preparation of the stay, the Client’s photograph may be collected from publicly available sources, so that the Hotel can recognize him, with the sole purpose of providing a superior service to the Client.

How we store personal information

The Hotel keeps personal information in a safe place, whether it is a database or an archive. In addition, measures are taken to ensure that only designated persons have access to this information. In order for the Hotel to provide a better and more personalized service to the Client, its profile is kept in the Hotel Management System, the central platform that manages reservations. Other transaction information is also saved, including for example the number of stays and the number of nights for each stay.

What personal information can be provided to third parties

The Hotel reserves the right to transmit personal information of Customers to agents, subcontractors or third party service providers, when providing services to the Hotel itself, to respond more adequately to the needs of the Customer. To this end, it uses contractual or other agreements to ensure that said parties protect the personal information in question in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy. The Client’s personal information will only be shared without his consent, outside the Hotel, in the following situations:

a) when this is required or authorized by law (for example, in response to a civil subpoena);
b) when this is necessary to provide the services requested by the Client, in which case its implicit consent (for example, vehicle rental) will be considered;
(c) if the payment for the stay has been made by a third party (billing information will be provided to the paying third party).

If the Hotel suspects the occurrence of any illegal activity, it reserves the right to investigate and / or report its findings or suspicions to the law enforcement authorities or other relevant law enforcement service.

Retention time of personal information

Personal information will be kept for the minimum period of time required by law in the jurisdiction where the Hotel is located (5 years). They can be kept indefinitely by the Hotel as long as there is a commercial purpose for that. Periodically, and after some years in which the Client is not staying at the Hotel, they may be eliminated.
Access, change and delete personal information The Client can access, correct, add, update or delete his personal data by contacting the Hotel through the email:

The Hotel may request a copy of a valid identification document to protect the Client’s privacy and confirm his identity, before making any changes.
Questions about the Privacy Policy If the Client wishes to contact the Hotel with any question related to this Privacy Policy, he must do so by e-mail: