The Cloisters are the perfect option for a dinner in the hot summer nights, as well as the dance floor in the Garden of the four seasons, with the stars as a ceiling, will make your Feast unforgettable.

If you prefer the comfort of a room, the Monks' Hall or Lost Steps allow you to enjoy a meal in rooms that are properly air-conditioned.

For religious ceremonies, you may use the Chapel of Our Lady of Health. The Convent has a special permit for occasional ceremonies.

If what you want is a Civil Ceremony, the Esplanade, the Garden of Novices or the "House of Water" on the first floor, are any of them spaces of a unique beauty.

For a wedding in the Convent, it is necessary that the Hotel is in exclusive use, so you can combine the use of the various spaces according to your preferences, making each Party unique and irreparable.